Friday, March 1, 2013

The Lightlings

       I am very pleased to announce the opening of Tianna’s and my Etsy shop, TheLightlings! We’ve been working on setting up the shop for quite some time, tossing around ideas and such, but finally launched it today!
       Etsy is an online marketplace for people to sell their homemade or vintage goods. Users create their own shops where they list their products.
       Tianna and I have many ideas for our Etsy shop. Home décor, jewelry, clothes, hats, bookmarks, and much more! At this point, we only have one item listed, but hope to post more soon.
       We would love for you to visit our shop! If you have an Etsy account, it would be great if you would favorite our shop. If not, you can like our Facebook page here.
       I am very excited about this new venture. Both Tianna and I love crafting, and it will be so fun to work together on this.


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