Sunday, March 3, 2013

Good To Be Home

         I’m back! I have returned from my travels, and let me say, it is so good to be home again.
For those of you who don’t know, I spent the last nine days in Southern California visiting relatives. We drove down last Thursday and spent a few days with my grandparents in L.A., and then made our way to San Diego to visit more family. It was a lot of driving, but definitely worth it.
Andrew and Tianna rode with us, which made traveling doubly fun (at least, when we weren’t all trying to sleep). Tianna and I played countless rounds of Words With Friends and Ticket To Ride while we drove (well, we didn’t drive, but you know what I mean ;).
This was a really fun trip. The weather was beautiful, we had a nice time visiting with family, and we had a family reunion/birthday party (two of them, actually). We also went to Knotts Berry Farm, as is our tradition. The weather was perfect that day, and the park was pretty empty – so we didn’t have to stand in line for rides hours on end.
         I am very proud to say that I rode a roller coaster and (gasp!) enjoyed it. I normally hate roller coasters, but this one was an exception (and probably the only exception. It was a pretty tame coaster (30 MPH and no loops). Tianna, who also doesn’t like roller coasters, was the one who convinced me to ride it, so it was a new thing for both of us. We ended up riding it five times. It was pretty awesome.
       Tianna brought her camera on the trip, so needless to say, both of us took lots of pictures. There were so many good ones that I had trouble choosing which ones to post. But I finally managed to narrow it down to twenty.

Me and the big guy - er, dog. :)

The Silver Bullet

My wonderful and adorable baby brother

The Excelerator (my dad, little brother, and aunt are in the second car)

What we looked like after riding Bigfoot Rapids. :P That was so fun.

My awesome siblings
The view from my Aunt's house

Don't worry, I'm only about 18 feet off the ground ;) Nothing too dangerous

And here's a turtle. :) This is an ice-cream cake that my cousin made. Isn't it awesome?!

On the drive home (it was much more beautiful in person)



  1. Your Aunt's house looks like Rivendell :)

  2. Ahhh!!!! what amazing pictures!!
    Tianna looks like a model in that one with And and Calyb. :P
    Mariah, I love that pic of you lying on the bench. Pure epicness - and the next one! Whoah!
    Totally jealous. Looks like you guys had an incredible time. :) :) :)

    1. It was amazing! We had a lot of fun. :)