Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Prayer as a Way of Walking in Love

Isn’t that a beautiful way to picture it? Prayer as a way of walking in love. That is what our prayer life should be. Communion with God, our lover.
But it seems like prayer is something that is often put on the shelf. We ‘forget’, or ‘don’t have time’ to talk with God. It’s not on our priority list. And when we do pray, we spend that time asking Him for favors.
There is nothing wrong with asking God to do things. In fact, we are called to pray for others, as well as ourselves (James 5:13-16). It brings God pleasure to answer our prayers and give us what we desire (provided it is good). But what I am saying is that prayer should consist of much more than that.
When we pray, we should praise God; thank Him for His goodness and steadfast love. For all the hundreds of gifts that He gives us daily. We should be expressing our adoration and love toward Him.
When we pray, we should confess our sins; tell God the wrongs we have done, and beg His forgiveness. He offers it readily.
        When we pray, we should be talking with God; telling Him about how we feel, what we think, about our dreams. He wants us to tell Him about ourselves. Not because He doesn’t know, but because He wants to hear it from us.
Prayer is essential to the Christian life.
        Here is a quote from Francis Chan’s sermon, Prayer As A Way Of Walking In Love.

        “As a kid, I sang that song “Jesus loves me this I know, because the Bible tells me so” and still, absolutely, does that happen. There are days I’ll read something, and I’ll just go God, I can’t believe that. You like me that much? You love me that much? Are You kidding me? And I’ll get that. I know Jesus loves me because the Bible tells me so. But I’ve got to say, at this point in my life, I could also sing “Jesus loves me because the way He answers my prayers shows me so”. I feel like ever since I’ve been a kid, the way You listen to me, the way You hear me, it’s unreal. I love You so much. And I want anyone who doesn’t experience that or know that, I what them to have that. But how can I share this personal journey? How can I share everything that God and I have been through together? Sometimes I question. I ask, God, do You love everyone this much? I mean, the way You answer my prayers, this is unbelievable. I love you, I love you, I love you. I don’t know what more You could do to show me Your love. I’ve seen it in the scriptures, but I also see it in the way You answer my prayers.”

         I want to pray like that. I want to have that kind of relationship with God. I want to love and adore Him so much that nothing else in life matters. I want to make a difference in the world; a deep impact that will never go away. I want people to look at me and see that I am different. 
         Prayer draws us closer to our Maker, it brings us peace, and it has the power to change the world. So be fervent in your prayer. Pour your heart out to God, praise Him for all He has done, and ask Him to do great things.
        Walk in love with you Savior.


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