Tuesday, July 29, 2014


      Had a lovely time this weekend hanging out with Deanna. Thank you for all the laughs, bestie. <3
      ...and if Bob the Builder breaks his water bottle, I'll be sure to hand him a towel. ;)


Friday, July 11, 2014

Morning Has Broken

Darkness obscures reality.
It brings out the worst in your imagination, turning the unknown into your enemy. It turns the beautiful into the drab. It blinds you from seeing obstacles in your path that could be harmful. It takes blessings for granted.
I’m not talking about the darkness that comes at the end of the day. I’m talking about darkness in the soul.
I have experienced some very dark times, especially these past few months; times dark enough that I wondered if I would survive. Where all I could do was sit and try to breathe. Or try not to.
Just thinking about it makes me shudder.
But over the past two weeks, morning began to dawn. The suffocating darkness, the paralyzing fear, is slowing ebbing away. I can see the sun coming up over the horizon, bringing light back to the world.
And I have decided that instead of wondering how long this day will last, worrying about when the darkness will return, I will enjoy the sunshine.
Because today, I am free.
Today, my obsessions and anxieties have no control over me. Today, I am not afraid of myself. Today, I feel like I am alive.
It has been such an intensely dark night, the sunrise is more beautiful and glorious than ever. It’s enough to bring me to tears.
This is not the morning – the final, everlasting morning. I know that the darkness will return, in this persistent cycle of morning and night. And yeah, that scares me, knowing the power of darkness like I do. But it’s the day that gets me through; these moments of peace and sanity that remind me that there is something worth fighting for.
Without that hope, I would have died long ago.
If you are in that dark place right now, please don’t lose hope. The night won’t last forever and joy will come in the morning. Cling to that promise, and know that God is faithful.
For those of you who aren’t in darkness, don’t ever take the light for granted. It's a gift.

Sing hallelujah
The sun’s breaking through
To take back the dark sky
And make everything new

We knew joy was coming
But we just had to wait
And now we sing hallelujah
'Cause it’s a brand new day

So let’s sing hallelujah
The dark night is gone
Creation is singing
So come join in the song

The Father is calling
To come out and play
So we’ll sing hallelujah
'Cause it’s a brand new day

Sing hallelujah
It’s a brand new, beautiful day

~Sing Hallelujah | Steven Curtis Chapman~


Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer Highlights {thus far}

--Welcoming my brother home after him being gone for five months.
--Witnessing the birth of my adorable niece.
--Buying an iPhone.
--Watching and enjoying new movies.
--Going to Portland with my mom and three littlest brothers. We spent the weekend shopping and admiring animals at the zoo.
--Being (totally and completely) surprised with a dachshund puppy. :D His name is Bokeh.
--Saving money for Gleanings.
--Getting a new pair of shorts.
--Flying to California with my mom for my grandpa's birthday.
--Eating ridiculous amounts of ice cream. <Oc~
--Reading good quotes.
--Accumulating books to put in my hope chest for my future kiddos.
--Meeting new people.
--Living in a house with AC (don't think I could survive summer without it).
--Watching fireworks.
--Outlining my latest novel idea.

        I hope you're all having a fabulous summer thus far!