Saturday, May 16, 2015

{Birthday} Photo Scavenger Hunt

        As of yesterday, I joined the ranks of adulthood. Woohoo! *blows party horn*
        We celebrated my birthday this afternoon with a photo scavenger hunt. We divided into three groups and roamed Rogue River, taking pictures according to the photo list. Once we were finished, we all went to my house for dinner, then we looked through all the pictures and voted on which ones we thought were best. The team with the most winning photos won (it ended up being a tie).
        Below is the compiled list of "best" pictures, as nominated by the people. Enjoy our craziness. ;) 

1. Shaking hands and / or making a hand heart with a stranger.

2. Make a rainbow

3. Find "Mariah" 

4. Profound advice

5. Something sparkly

6. Laughter

7. Ice cream

8. Forced perspective

9. Rule of thirds

10. This is uuuuugly

11. I don't know how to use this

12. This artwork makes me feel so emotional

13. Uh-oh

14. Bear hug

15. An epic duel

16. Dancing with a stuffed animal

17. Railroad tracks

18. A shadow picture

19. A typo

20. A reflection

21. Crime scene

22. I can't believe we all fit in here

23. Imitating a picture from a book

24. Modeling

25. Midair

26. Family dynamic

27. Music

28. Summer
29. Crossing the street

30. On a park bench

31. Obey the sign

32. Searching

33. On a bridge
34. Piggy back race. This is a screenshot from the video (I won ;).
35. Video of a team member(s) singing a cheesy love song (screenshot).


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May 5th

        Today is the third anniversary of Josh's death. And to be quite honest with you, I don't have anything new to say.
        Josh is still gone, and we still miss him. It still hurts, and we still cry. The memories are still fresh, and yeah, they still hurt. Every day is another day in which he is absent.
        And yet each day brings us closer to seeing him again... And that is a beautiful thing.
        We still trust and serve a good God, and He still showers us with His peace and love. We are still broken, but He is still drawing us nearer to Himself.

        This road is still difficult, but He still is, and always will be, faithful.

        Soli Deo Gloria. 

Rainie Falls: May 5th, 2015
My brother Caleb hiked the trail today in honor of the 3rd anniversary.

"The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away. Blessed by the name of the Lord."
-Job 1:21b