Monday, August 19, 2013

Live Out Loud - LIVE!!

Last night was AMAZING!!
Steven Curtis Chapman had a concert in Medford! Steven Curtis Chapman (as you probably figured out by now) is my favorite music artist, and has been for years. He was one of the artists that I grew up listening to. The lyrics in his songs are so true and deep; not many artists are like that. His music is one of the things that has helped me get through the last year and a half.
I was absolutely thrilled to hear that he was coming to Oregon (is it just me, or do famous people almost never come here? ;P). For the past two months, I have been bursting at the seams with excitement.
As already stated, the concert was amazing. We were in the sixth row, just slightly off center, so we had an excellent view. Steven Curtis Chapman's two sons, Caleb and Will Franklin, made up a part of the band, so getting to see them was neat. :)
I don’t know if I could say that any one song was my favorite. They were all pretty equally awesome. :) Long Way Home was wonderful, and I loved I Will Be HereDive and Do Everything pulsed with energy. He also sang Cinderella, one of his most popular songs. Hearing him sing it live... was amazing. He sang it with such passion and feeling. And the version he sang had a different ending (the alternate ending version is featured on his album, Deep Roots. You can listen to it here). And I also really liked Heaven In The Real World.
         Okay, I loved them all! Told you they were all good. ;P
        And now for some photos...

Steven Curtis Chapman!!
Father & son (Caleb and Steven Chapman)

Caleb Chapman singing "Glorious"

And of course I got a souvenir. :) My parents bought me this super cool SCC shirt.

Singing, worshiping, crying – seeing my favorite singer live. Spending an evening with my parents. Feeling very blessed. That about sums up my night. :)
        The only other thing I have to say is....
Lalalala live out loud! 



  1. I'd never heard the alternate ending to 'Cinderella' love it. <3

  2. Riah, I am thrilled you got to see SCC live! Such experiences lift our heart and soul. What an incredible evening to share with your Mom and Dad. My heart is smiling with you!