Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Beauty Of Love

            “You may now kiss the bride.”
            He gently took the veil between his fingers and flipped it over her head. She smiled at him, her blue eyes sparkling with joy. He took her face in his hands and guided her towards him. She closed her eyes. Their lips met in their first kiss.


             I am once again rendered speechless at the beauty of love. There is no way to fully describe it; words can’t do it justice. I know that love is more than a feeling, but it is a feeling in the way that there aren’t words to describe it.
            Yesterday, we celebrated my brother’s wedding. It was such a beautiful, joyous day. He looked incredibly dashing in his suit with tails. She was gorgeous in her ivory wedding gown. Both their faces were glowing with joy.
            Love is such an interesting thing. The way it makes you feel. The way it expresses itself. It’s mysterious and beautiful.
            When I think of those I love – the intensity of that love – it makes me think of how Christ loves us. Despite how much I may love my friends or family, God loves us that much more. When you really sit down and think about it, it’s mind-blowing. Sometimes, I wonder why my friends even like me, much less God. The fact that He would love someone like me brings tears to my eyes.
            Sorry this has been kind of a rambly post. I’m running on high emotions and little sleep. J Now to the newly weds:
            Andrew: Wow. I love you so much, bro. You have been a wonderful brother to me. Thank you so much for all that you have poured into my life. I’ll never forget all those hours spent playing Playmobil and Cowboy Town (perhaps someday the Sheriff will succeed in rescuing the Yoshis :P). All the late-night talks and singing Broadway at the top of our lungs. I’m going to miss you. But I am so happy for you and Tianna. You guys are truly a beautiful couple, and God is going to use you to do amazing things. I love you so much, Big Boy. <3
            Tianna: I am so happy to have you for an older sister. In the years that I’ve known you, I’ve seen you to be a strong, beautiful woman of God; kind, faithful, loving, and considerate of others. You and Andrew make such a wonderful couple. You truly are the delight of his heart.

            May God bless you and your marriage in years to come. I love you guys so much.

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