Sunday, March 8, 2015

Spring Is Coming.

        There is something intoxicating and energizing about the arrival of spring. It's as if the warmth and light of the sun are drawing out the sights and sounds and smells, heightening the fresh beauty of a new year and new life.
        I love the fragrance of spring. The sweet blossoming flowers, the fresh grass, the warm earth - combined with the smell of the wind, it creates something magical.
        But as much as I love the unfolding of this new season, it is bittersweet for me.
        Spring, particularly its scent, takes me back in time. Back to a time when I was wrapped in a dark fog, struggling to come to terms with my brother's sudden death. I spent a lot of time outside in those first weeks and months - talking to my best friend on the phone, praying, trying to make sense of what I was feeling. It was somewhere wide and open where I felt like I could breathe and think and get a grasp, albeit feeble, on the unchecked emotions that were tearing me apart inside.
        It was my haven.
        Spring is coming once again, and every breath is like a memory. The smells take me back over the months and years in an instant. And all I can say is, God is good.
        It is a bittersweet feeling; an aching smile. Remembering hurts, but the past is such a beautiful reminder of God's faithfulness and how far I've come by His grace.
        And His grace will carry me home.

Spring is coming
And all we've been hoping and longing for soon will appear
Spring is coming, Spring is coming
And it won't be long now, it's just about here
~Spring Is Coming {Steven Curtis Chapman}



  1. You are such a beautiful soul. this post was so lovely and so sad at the same time. Again I am so sorry for your loss, but I admire your courage and bravery. you're amazing. God be with you this spring and every spring after this. and every season. you must have a ton of faith because wow.
    thank you for the inspiring words.

  2. Riah, when you write, you take me there with you. I love the pictures of the daffodils on Josh's grave. He would have loved them. I can only imagine the flowers and colors of Heaven. It must be glorious, and no one is appreciating them more than Josh. You remind me of a daffodil right now, unfolding from a tight papery bud into the breathtaking creation that God had in mind for you to be. You are unique, and remarkable. Those of us viewing you can see this plainly, and we thank God for the woman you are in the process of becoming. May much happiness and joy become real in your heart.