Sunday, April 21, 2013

April Blessings

All my life, I’ve loved horses. Their beauty captivated me. As a girl, I drew pictures of horses, collected Breyer models, played horse, and watched Spirit on a weekly basis (if not daily). My most-hoped-for dream was to have my own horse.
Yesterday, that dream came true.
Two weeks ago, we heard that Raquel Duarte, a friend and fellow blogger, was selling her Arabian gelding. After emailing back and forth for a while, we decided to get him. It was a big step for us, but watching the pieces fall into place, and we truly felt like this was from God.
Knight came home Saturday evening. As it was dark, we weren't able to get any good pictures, but here are some that we got this afternoon. I was entering the pen after doing something for my dad, and Knight was there to greet me.

After getting home from church today, Tianna and I armed ourselves with cookies, books, and cameras and made our way to Knight's field. We spread out a blanket and spent the entire afternoon with him. It was like a dream. While we were reading, Knight would sometimes come up and nuzzle us - or walk across the blanket. He seemed to enjoy our company, and was interested in what we were doing.

          Even in just one afternoon, I've already learned so much about Knight's personality. He is such a sweet, loving horse, and so perfect for me. Someday, I know that we will be great friends. :)

        Thank you so much, Raquel, for giving me your horse. He is such a sweet boy, and I love him like crazy already. Your generosity has blessed us tremendously. Thank you so much. <3
The other exciting news is that my mom is going to have a baby! We're all so excited.
God has been so good to us. These past two weeks, I’ve been happy – truly happy. Which I haven’t been for some time. It feels good.
Thank You, Lord, for these April blessings.


~Photo credit to my wonderful sister Tianna.


  1. Praise God for His blessings!

    You are so pretty and your horse is lovely. :) <3

  2. Wow, it's great to hear what God is doing in your life! Congratulations on the new horse, and many Congratulations on the new baby! :)

  3. Raquel's famous Knight! How wonderful! I'm so happy to hear your family's news, and that you have had such a blessed few weeks, Riah. :)