Saturday, November 24, 2012

Simple Words

          I was going through my song folder today, and came across this song that I wrote when I was ten. The words are basic, and I have no idea how the tune is supposed to go, but the message behind the simple lyrics is sweet.

August 24th, 2007

Jesus You love me
Jesus You hold me like a precious gem
Even though my earthly brothers look at me like a dirty wretch,
You still hold me like a precious gem

As You hold me in Your hand,
I know this must be Heaven
Where we ride on the cougar’s back
And soar on eagles wings
And run and play in the grass
Climb up trees ever so fast
I know this must be Heaven
P.S. So sorry that I haven't had a "real" post in so long. NaNoWriMo has, as expected, consumed much of my time. I plan on writing a nice big post soon, so stay tuned!! :)


  1. Cool song! You should get a tune for it! :D

    1. I may rewrite/expand it at some point... not sure. :)