Tuesday, September 4, 2012

In Loving Remembrance...

          Today is my dog's 10th birthday. Sadly, she passed away on May 12th this year. It probably seems silly that I'm posting about my dog, but she was very special to me.
          When I was very little, I took a liking to dachshunds. I had pictures of them in my room, and I would constantly ask my parents to buy me one. Finally, my wish was granted. I got Sarah as a Christmas gift when I was five years old.
          Sarah was a sweet little dog. Her favorite was Josh, although my dad and I came in a close second. I had fun playing with her as a kid - romping through the snow, dressing her in doll clothes, making her do backflips onto our beanbag. The poor thing put up with me through it all. :P
          There wasn't any obvious cause to her death. I think that her age just caught up with her. The last few days were hard; she wasn't able to walk or move around, so she just lay on the ground. It was so hard to watch her suffer. But we prayed that God would take her home quickly, and He did. I thank Him for all the years we had together.

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